How to See Items You Have Won, Lost or are Watching (Using My Bids)

Log in to the auction website
Click My Account and select My Bids from the drop down menu:
You will then see the following options to select:

  • Live Bids (Items that are open and have received bids by your user)
  • Live Offers (Items that are open and have received an offer by your user)
  • Watching List (Items that you have selected to watch by clicking on the binocular icon found in the botttom left of each Lot Box)
  • Closed Bids (Items that have ended and received bids by your user)
  • Closed Offers (Items that have ended and received an offer by your user)

Clicking on any of the above options will display the relevant items on the page. These items can be filtered by selecting the All, Winning, Losing, etc. buttons, as shown below.

You can select to see items from only one specific auction by clicking on the auction title, which is found below Closed Offers in the My Bids list of options.


How to Setup Lot Alerts

Lot alerts are a great way for bidders to keep up to date with the items they want, on the days of their choosing.

Each time new items are added that match a search criteria set, bidders will receive an email clearly showing how many new results have been returned and where to find them.

Bidders are in complete control as to when they wish to receive their alerts and can edit, pause or delete their alerts at any point, all within My Alerts.

Setting up Alerts
Log in to your Live Bidding account and click on My Account and select My Alerts from the drop down menu.

Click on the Create New Alert button

In the pop up window that will appear, as follows:

Enter an appropriate name for your alert, e.g. Running Cars.
Next, input your Search criteria. This can be a simple open search such as ‘Cars’ or, you can receive more tailored results by using ‘AND’ / ‘OR’ within the search criteria. Here’s an example: –
For general results type “Cars” in the Search criteria
To return more specific results you can use ‘AND’ such as “Automatic Transmission AND 4 Door”. Items retrieved will be tagged both Automatic Transmission and 4 Door.
To return a more expansive selection of lots you can use ‘OR’, such as “Automatic Transmission OR 4 Door”. Items retrieved will be tagged either Automatic Transmission or 4 Door.
Next, tick the boxes to select which days you wish to receive your alerts.
Finally, click Save.

Your alert(s) will now appear in a list on the screen, as shown below:

Users can manage their alerts at any time by pressing the action buttons in line with to the Alert name.

Press pause button to pause the alert with the ability to enable it again later
Press the pencil icon to edit the alert
Press the bin icon to delete the alert.
Users can also press View under Results to see any items returned by their Alert.

Once you have set up an alert, you will be emailed any new items matching your search criteria that have been added since your last alert. This will contain links to view these items and to bid once the items are live.


How to Register for an Auction

You will not be able to participate in an auction unless you have registered and been approved. As shown below, you will not be able to click on any  button until you have registered:

To register for an auction you will firstly need to create an account by clicking on the “Create Account” link.
Then, go to the auction page and sign in.

To register for an auction/sale:
Navigate to any item within an auction and select the “Click here to Register” button.

Next, complete all the required fields and tick the box to confirm you have read and agree to the auction’s terms & conditions. Click the “Confirm Registration” button to submit the form.


Once the form has been submitted it will require approval by the auctioneer. When you have been approved a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you signed up with.
Please note that in some instances a refundable deposit maybe required. This will also be emailed to you, along with payment options. You can also pay your deposit by returning to the auction site and pressing the Pay Deposit button on the auction lots, as shown below:

Once your registration has been approved, you will be able to place bids, offers, etc. on lots.

All registrations are approved manually so you may experience a delay between registering for an auction and being able to place a bid. If you attempt to bid whilst your registration is pending the system will prevent you from bidding and show a pending message. If you have been waiting longer than 24 hours for your registration to be processed, please contact the auctioneer.


How to Bid on a Timed Auction

Bids, offers or purchases can be placed on any item on any page where you see the Place Bid button.

Incremental Bidding

  • Maximum Bid places the next incremental bid for the item/lot.
  • Bidding increment values will vary depending on the item. The increment is displayed below the current bid price.
  • Once you have placed your Maximum bid, the box at the bottom of the item/lot listing will turn green to show that you are winning. If a red box is returned your bid is either not high enough to reach the reserve, or another user has placed an auto bid on the item/lot.

Maximum Bidding allows you to place the maximum price you are willing to pay for the item.


How Auto-Bidding/Maximum Bidding  Works

When you place an Maximum Bid, you enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item, as shown below. You will also received a warning if your bid is much higher than the bid increment.

The other bidders do not know the value of your Maximum Bid, but it is displayed to you all the time:

As further bidding continues the system will automatically increase your bid as others bid against you, up to your maximum amount. This ensures that you remain the highest bidder up to your maximum amount and helps to meet the reserve price.

If another bidder places a higher Maximum Bid, or the current bid amount exceeds your Maximum Bid, the lot box will clearly indicate you have been outbid.

When an Maximum Bid is placed the following scenarios may occur:

If there is a lower reserve price than the Maximum Bid placed the current bid will jump to this reserve price.

If there is a lower Maximum Bid from another user then the bid will jump to one increment above the lower Auto Bid.

Make Offer

  • On some items you have the option to pre-purchase prior to the closing date. These items have a Make Offer button.
  • Should your offer be rejected you may have further attempts to pre-purchase the item if the auctioneer allows. Once your final offer is rejected you will be unable to submit any further offers for that item. However you will still be able to place incremental or Autobids on the item.
  • Note that you have a limited number of offer allowances. If you make an offer and it is the same or lower than your bid, you will receive an error message but it will still remove one of your offer allowances.

Buy Now

  • In some auctions, including The Marketplace, sellers have the option to list their item for sale at a set price.The listed price is displayed on the button, i.e. ‘Buy Now $1,000’. To buy the item simply click the button once you are logged in and approved.
  • After you have confirmed your purchase the item will be marked as sold on the site and you will be sent an email detailing the transaction.
  • Note that for multi-item listings, Make Offer is available but Buy Now is not. Multi-items will also display whether the bid is per item or per lot.

How to Bid on a Webcast Auction


Pre-bidding is placing bids before the live webcast auction starts. It looks the same as a Timed Auction, as shown below:

In webcast auction pre-bidding you only have the option to place an incremental bid or to enter an Autobid i.e. there are no Buy Now or Make Offer options for this type of sale.
The bid increments and starting bid are set by the Auctioneer per item.
Once the live webcast starts, your view will change as explained below.

Live Webcast Bidding

When the auctioneer starts the webcast, your view will change, as shown below.

If the auctioneer chooses to have a video or audio live stream, this will appear on the top right hand side, as shown above.
If the auctioneer is only streaming audio it will look as follows where the video stream is shown above:

You will be able to see the current item / item in the ring on the left and bid on it.
You can also still place a max bid / autobid on upcoming items. Enter the amount you wish to autobid and press Confirm. Your current bid will appear next to that item.
You can view sold or passed items by clicking the Closed tab below the video feed. It will indicate whether you have won this item or not:

During the bidding, the auctioneer will usually verbally (if streaming) and visually alert the internet bidder that they are selling the item, i.e. Going once…, Going Twice…, etc.

Sometimes the auctioneer will pause the auction, or will end the auction when all items are sold. You will see this:

Once the auction is finished, you will receive appropriate emails as to items you have won and your payment options. If the auctioneer uses this feature you will also receive your invoices.

Tips for Bidding on a Webcast Auction

  • Our Live Webcasts are streamed in Real Time and are best supported by Google Chrome.
  • Bid early and bid often.
  • Do not wait until the last second to bid as the hammer may go down before your bid is received.
  • Do not wait to hear the auctioneer, bid according to what you see on the screen

How to Find Specific Lots in an Auction

Users can search, find and go to specific lots within an auction using the Find By… feature

How to use:

  • Click the title of an auction to view to the catalogue of lots
  • Select to search by Lot Number OR Title by clicking on the Find by… drop down (see image below):
  • Start typing the lot number or title and the system will show a list of matches
  • Once you see the lot you wish to go to simply click on the correct lot number or title (see image below):
  • Once clicked the plane icon will turn green to show a positive match has been found
  • Click on the Green Icon to go to the lot (see image below):