1. You must have an approval by Tow Guys Auto Auction to bid. You will be required to pay a $300 deposit which is refundable if you do not purchase a vehicle. All refunds will be given AFTER the auction’s conclusion.
  2. If more than one vehicle is purchased by you, an additional $300 deposit is required per vehicle. Please make arrangements to pay at the day of the auction, or you will lose the winning bid. You can pay with Venmo or in person at the auction site.
  3. You must pay the remainder within 2 days, no later than 5pm the following Tuesday after the auction. There are no exceptions to this rule. Otherwise, you will lose the deposits paid already and the vehicle.
  4. Please don’t bid on a car unless you want it! If you win a bid and change your mind, you will lose your deposit.
  5. Once you win the bid that is your vehicle, you will be asked to pay for it.
  6. All sales will include a key fee (varies between the cars), tax (8.375%) and administration fee ($35.47).
  7. Every vehicle which is sold with a key will have a key fee added to the charges, new or used. Check Auction list for the rates on key fees, or the description of the vehicle online.
  8. Keys are only guaranteed to work in the ignition.
  9. We will accept a credit card from the cardholder only, ID required, 3% additional fee required. We accept Discover, Master Card or Visa.
  10. When viewing the cars, you may not open the hoods or doors. This is for ALL customers. If we see you under the hood without permission, we will ask you to leave and may suspend your bids in the future.
  11. We are not responsible for any damage or theft from the auction vehicles after close of business on the day of the auction. We highly recommend that you take your purchased vehicle off the lot the day of sale.
  12. We do not give any warranties, refunds or exchanges. The vehicles are sold AS-IS.
  13. We cannot guarantee that the vehicle will start, run or drive after the auction.
  14. We do not do a safety inspection of these vehicles and do not give any guarantee of its road worthiness.
  15. If we have an idea what is wrong with the car we will try and write it on the vehicle and in the description of the vehicle online. This is not a guarantee. There may be and probably are more problems than we may know.
  16. The Auctioneer has the final call on who gets the bid. Integration of online bidding and on location bidding may cause delays in bidding, therefore the auctioneer will have the last call on who wins the bid.
  17. Once the vehicle is paid for in full, you will receive a Lien Sale Registration Form for the Nevada DMV. With this form you will be able to go to the DMV and register the vehicle. We will mail a lien sale packet to the DMV, which takes 6-10 weeks to process by the DMV and you will receive the title by mail directly from the DMV to the address that is on the paperwork that was submitted.
  18. You will have an option to pay $60 for an expedited title. That means that we will submit the paperwork to the DMV within 10 days, and the DMV will process within 2 weeks (according to DMV).
  19. If the DMV requires us to get the vehicle back for one reason or another, we will only refund the purchase price, so please do not put any money into your vehicle until you receive the title.
  20. In the rare occasion that a vehicle was sold to you as a “clean title” but upon registering it at the DMV, it comes up as salvage title, total loss or any other form of a branded title, please let us know right away at [email protected] or (702) 795-1700. Sometimes the liens are being processed quicker than the reporting of the insurance company.